No to the Party

Never More True

Written on November 29, 2017, I've never written a song more true to who I am.  Not only do I want to accomplish great things, I want to have a fun time doing it.  This song really sets a tone of who I am for people who don't know me.

It started a few weeks earlier in 2017, I asked fans for song suggestions so I could use that beat to write over.  My old roommate, Igor, suggested We Like to Party by the Vengaboys.  I found a MIDI file and isolated the drum track and wrote this song over it.

A few days later I recorded a very do it yourself style video for the demo and it became a quick hit.  Here's the demo video:

Handwritten Lyrics
No to the Party Lyrics


I could be reading a book or mowing the lawn

And I do it all night with a tank top on

But the only thing that can get me to stop

Is tell me where the gang will be and I’ll make the party rock


I stay out all night but rise and shine

Cram it in all day, man it’s a grind

All work no play makes a boy so dull

Better spend the time a rockin like its not that cool


I can’t say no to the party, can’t say no to the people

It’ll be like that until I’m old and feeble

I’m up all night, but also all day

I’ll sleep when I’m dead man, and that’s what I say

I can’t say no to the party can’t say no to the people

I’ll be like that until I’m old and feeble

If there’s only one thing that you gotta see

I can’t say no to the rockin party


Time spent wasting, your better off dead

And you’re getting there with all that thinkin’ in your head

Now you’re wasting time when you could go out

Time to get to it, kick and shout

I’m good, I swear, I take care of my life

But I fit the rest in and put up a good fight

No use telling me to keep it cool

If you tell me don’t go out man I’ll say you’re a fool

What do you think?