Silenced Hope


As I was contemplating the types of songs I wanted on my sophomore album I thought about different stories I wanted to tell based on my fascinations.  I've always been fascinated by the Kennedy assassination and wanted to write a song about it.  I completely changed my songwriting process for this one, starting with just the lyrics and writing them on a note on my laptop.  I used the thesaurus and rhyming dictionary big time for this song.  No handwritten lyrics for this, but you'll love to see how the lyrics evolved from the first draft to the final song.

Silenced Hope Lyrics


The sun shone bright in the D.C. sky

As the rising tensions grew

Lifted into the memories shown

Crowds so eager to take love from you

A normal day like any other

Darling beau close at hand

Elegant dinner to give buffer

To the foes that want you banned

The feast, though, will never happen

But who’s to say why it would be done

The surrounding aegis always dampen

The danger inherent by a hand on a gun

Slowly the wheels turned for miles on end

Each person more enthusiastic than last

Though your words, they wouldn’t commend

Unknowingly they’d soon be in the past


Stunned and in disbelief 

This doesn’t happen here we say 

One bullet turned you into a pawn

And silenced the hope, that lived day to day

It doesn’t matter though, with one fatal shot

The world stood still in the blink of an eye

Teardrops all fell from the news they got

Asking many questions, but most of all, why?

Although you’re gone our hope remains 

Silence doesn’t last forever 

Though your words went swiftly by 

Now theres millions of people asking why


This is not silenced hope - this is not silenced hope

If your empathy and patience can change one persons mind then there’s that much more love we will find 

Silenced Hope Original Lyrics
Original Lyrics

These lyrics were done differently than all the others. I used my notes app and wrote all the lyrics first and added music later.

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