Something I Can't Miss

Getting funky

This song was written on May 30, 2018.  From writing it and the final production, it's been funky the whole time.  Here are my thoughts from the day I wrote the song - and how I wrote it:

Wooooo!  This was a fun one!  If you keep track of how I write these songs, you’ll notice an immediate difference with this one.  Today I started out writing the lyrics as I usually do, but I only wrote two verses.  Today I recorded these two verses a cappella because I had an idea for the melody in my head and I didn’t want it to be manipulated by putting chords down and trying to sing over the chords.  I think it let me be really vocally free and create a fun melody.  Back in the third or fourth #OneHourSong (this is the 29th, woot!) I realized I was laying down chords and not thinking about the melody of my lyrics at all – therefore I was basically singing the same melody over and over for the first two or three #OneHourSongs.  This a cappella route was just what the songwriting doctor ordered.

After I sang the two verses I noodled around and sang the chorus and then I laid down some pads and strings underneath.  Obviously I had to rerecord the vocals, because some things went out of tune with no idea what the chord changes would end up being, but overall I really like this piece.  I’m glad I had a lot of time to add a lot of fun brass lines and keep this song grooving.  I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think and feel free to share with your friends!

It only got funkier after that.  With Paul Norman, we turned this into a sexy, seductive piece.  You'll notice the bridge is also the return of Coleman's theme.

I hope you enjoy this, and make sure you look for the hidden Easter egg in the video 😉

Indivisible Lyrics (1)
Something I Can't Miss Lyrics


Something’s got a hold on me I can’t say what it is

Pure and sweet and soft as your gentle kiss

Put it away in the back of my mind I don’t know where to go

But I gotta say that all of your love is something I can’t miss


Something's gotta hold on me and it’s never letting go

Take all of the love that’s bottled up and put it out to show

The smile in your eyes has a lot to show I don’t know what it is

But I gotta say that all of your love is something I can’t miss


All of your lovin' gotta give it to me right now

Don’t let a second pass us by, it’s something I can’t miss

All of your lovin' ain’t shared with no one else

Because a love like this darlin miss, it’s something I can’t miss

Put Them in the Streets

Every song has a meaning

When I released the Twentynothing in 2018, it was the first time I had ever had direct negative reviews on my work.  I always thought I had tough enough skin to handle it, but the few comments I received did take a toll.  This song was written in response to them.  There are more verses that didn't make the final cut that go into more detail.

But then the meaning of this song changed.  With protests happening daily in 2020 and the Black Lives Matter movement, I decided that the beats we were putting in the streets are messages of love and unity.  We can't let the loud voices of hate overpower the majority who want love and unity.

This is why in the story Coleman is inspired by a young girl who asks for his help.  His goal for peace and unity aren't enough on twitter, he has to run for president to evoke change.

The next song is Something I Can't Miss...and you definitely can't miss this one 🙂

Indivisible Lyrics
Put Them in the Streets Lyrics


When I was younger just a few years ago 

I never had a problem hearing that little word no

It came to me and I said to her

Girl I can help you out, but it’s all up here


Nothing helps these beats like putting them in the streets ---


You put em in the streets let em fight for themselves

They get stronger out there and fend off fear

It wont do them any good on a dusty shelf

Soon all the people in the streets their gonna hear

Whoa no no no no na na na na


It was said I kept it up

Moving too fast and never too abrupt

Something told me son you gotta do better

Take it to the streets and you’ll be a go getter

The Overture

Like every great story that came before

Growing up I was very active in theatre and loved old musicals.  Every great production or movie began with an overture.  I wanted to tie in my musical theatre roots to this story and compose a theme.  Listen closely, because the theme will come back, too :).

The overture begins with the orchestral theme I wrote to represent Thomas Coleman.  It segues into three songs you'll hear later in the album, No to the Party, Nothing Can Stop Us Now and Put Them in the Streets.

Paul Norman, the producer of this project, and I were finished laying down the tracks when we decided we needed something more.  We got the idea to add some vocal texture over the beginning.  We found John F. Kennedy's commencement speech at American University on June 10, 1963.  His carefully chosen words lined up perfectly with what we already recorded, so we knew it was meant to be.


The next song is Put Them in the Streets...looking forward to telling you more about it 🙂

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