Put Them in the Streets

Every song has a meaning

When I released the Twentynothing in 2018, it was the first time I had ever had direct negative reviews on my work.  I always thought I had tough enough skin to handle it, but the few comments I received did take a toll.  This song was written in response to them.  There are more verses that didn't make the final cut that go into more detail.

But then the meaning of this song changed.  With protests happening daily in 2020 and the Black Lives Matter movement, I decided that the beats we were putting in the streets are messages of love and unity.  We can't let the loud voices of hate overpower the majority who want love and unity.

This is why in the story Coleman is inspired by a young girl who asks for his help.  His goal for peace and unity aren't enough on twitter, he has to run for president to evoke change.

The next song is Something I Can't Miss...and you definitely can't miss this one 🙂

Indivisible Lyrics
Put Them in the Streets Lyrics


When I was younger just a few years ago 

I never had a problem hearing that little word no

It came to me and I said to her

Girl I can help you out, but it’s all up here


Nothing helps these beats like putting them in the streets ---


You put em in the streets let em fight for themselves

They get stronger out there and fend off fear

It wont do them any good on a dusty shelf

Soon all the people in the streets their gonna hear

Whoa no no no no na na na na


It was said I kept it up

Moving too fast and never too abrupt

Something told me son you gotta do better

Take it to the streets and you’ll be a go getter

What do you think?